Tripper Friends

It is often said that it doesn’t matter where you go but who you travel with. Travelling with friends gives you the freedom to experience things which you wouldn’t necessarily try with partners, family or even while travelling solo. But why let the destination be of ordinary make? We at TM2NZ are here to ensure that the destination is as awesome as the company you travel with.

Experience a country through its festivals, a perfect showcase of its creativity, diversity and culture. To get a taste of the wild food of the West Coast of New Zealand, head to Hokitika Wildfoods Festival or dance the night away with your friends at one of New Zealand’s groovy music festivals, ranging from indie festivals, to ones where you have no clue about the musical lineup, the ‘non-festival’, or the one which brings together artistes from across the globe.

Clamber up to numerous vantage points to experience the total splendor of New Zealand’s beautiful cities. Ready to go to any extent to get that breathtakingly perfect view? Here, you just need to drive to the top of the Mount Victoria in Wellington for 360 degree panoramic view of the city or trek to Mt. Eden, an extinct volcanic crater right in the middle of the city for a fantastic view of Auckland.

Escape into the natural environs witnessing a glorious sunrise in your hot air balloon as it makes a gentle ascent over stunning vistas. End the day camping under an ethereal starlit sky with all your friends sitting around a warm bonfire. Sounds like an ideal day right? Experience alternating feelings of excitement and fear as you take the steepest cable ride in the Southern Hemisphere to the top of Bob’s Peak to enjoy an impressive view of Queenstown or get high on energy and fun at one of the many nightclubs that dot Auckland!

For strengthening old bonds and creating new ones, for letting your hair down, for creating fond and embarrassing memories, for phenomenal experiences, travel with your friends.