Pure Indulgence

Imagine a spa where the sounds of birds and the nearby waterfalls are the main distractions, where your massage room opens up to a huge expanse of water which glistens alluringly in the sunlight, where you are always accompanied by the sounds of the beating waves. Experience bliss as you rejuvenate and pamper yourself with a wide range of treatments at luxury spas located in the most exotic locales-from the serene foothills of the Himalayas to the backwaters of Kerala and the quiet beaches of Goa.

Stay in places which speak the language of extravagant splendor. Get a royal treatment in Udaipur’s magnificent palace located in the middle of a lake or get personally chauffeured to lavish tents in South Alps in an area accessible only by a helicopter. Enhance your sensory experience as you indulge in delectable local delicacies, all served amidst spectacular landscapes.

Embark on an impressive journey over New Zealand’s alluring vistas in the quiet comfort of your private plane or travel in opulence on the Palace on Wheels with its luxurious cabins,

Take off on a spectacular private flight over New Zealand’s alluring vistas or try your hand at golf on one of the many golf Courses carved by nature.

Refresh yourself with a fine sauvignon blanc at a private wine tasting at some of island’s finest vineyards or let a helicopter whisk away you and your beloved for a romantic meal in the untouched mountains. We bet your partner would just adore you after that!

Indulge in exclusive memorable experiences, personalized to your wishes, which pamper your senses and your soul.